¬†Welcome to our lesson’s page! This is where you and your kids can learn more about Jesus through FUN weekly lessons via video by the Children’s Ministry Director, Anna Brucculeri. Make sure you check back weekly for more videos!

July Lessons

Diving Deep | Lesson 1

Let’s hit the beach and dive deep into God’s Word.

Diving Deep | Lesson 2

Let’s scuba dive into God’s Word!

Diving Deep | Lesson 3

Let’s take an adventure into the Bible with Anna to learn why life jackets are so important!

Diving Deep | Lesson 4

Let’s deep-sea dive into God’s Word with Miss Anna!

Miss Anna is challenging you to read your Bible every day for the next 14 days! Will you take on the challenge?
Here is the link to help:

June Lessons

Ingredients of a Godly Life | Wisdom

Ingredients of a Godly Life | Confidence

Ingredients of a Godly Life | Boldness

Ingredients of a Godly Life | Faith

Ingredients of a Godly Life | Love

May Lessons

5/3/20 Sword of the Spirit

Ingredients of a Godly Life | Trust

Today we are learning about one of the ingredients of having a Godly Life, this first ingredient is trust. God wants us to trust Him and show that we trust Him. Reading from 2 Kings 4.

This week’s challenge is either:

1. take a picture of you and your parents cooking something in the kitchen, or 2. take a picture of your favorite food and you eating it. I can’t wait to see all of your pictures and see what’s in your kitchen. What are you putting in your bowl of trust? Post and share your pictures on social media and tag me and our church!

IG: @nesconsetchristianchurch


Ingredients of a Godly Life | Obedience

Today we are learning about one of the ingredients of having a Godly Life; the first ingredient was trust and the second ingredient is obedience. God wants us to obey Him so He can fulfill the plans He has for us. Reading from 1 Samual 3.

Ingredients of a Godly Life | Mercy

Let’s mix in mercy! Reading from 1 Samual 24.

April Lesson Videos

Hey kids and families, this is where you will find all of the Children’s Ministry Lessons in April! I’m so glad you are here!

4/5/20 Gospel of Peace

Make your own Gospel of Peace Sandals!

2020 Easter Lesson

Happy Easter, join me for an amazing lesson on Jesus! He is Risen!

4/19/20 Lesson

Happy Sunday Kids, join me for a lesson on the Sheild of Faith!

Armor of God Word Search

Print this off and see how many words you can find!

4/26/20 Helmet of Salvation

Remember to send me pictures of your craft, I want to see your helmet

March Lessons

Here are the lessons for March and the start of the Armor of God lessons!

3/22/20 Belt of Truth

Hey kids, I can’t wait to see your very own Belt of Truth, if you make one, make sure to send it to me!

3/29/20 Breastplate of Righteousness

Make your own Breastplate of Righteousness!