Impact LIVE is to help reach students grades 6th-12th with the Gospel and gives students the opportunity to connect to others and God no matter the situation of the world. We are empowering students to make an impact by living out their faith fearlessly.

Connect & Build Community

Every Wednesday Night we will be hosting a Zoom call to share a message of hope and build community. This is a great way for students to learn more about Jesus and engage with other teens over video chat in such an isolating time. Just click the picture above to hop on with us!

Parents connect with us through FB where we will share helpful insights, go live to connect with you or your students, and build community! Also, if you are not in our Impact Event FB messager thread, let me know so I can add you and you can receive all of the upcoming information.

Follow us on IG where we share, go live, communicate through stories, and so much more! Upcoming IG Impact LIVE events: mini-messages, LIVE praying, and games to play in IG stories. Make sure you stay connected with us on Instagram!

Contact Pastor Andrew Todd if you have any questions, if your student is interested or wanting to get baptized, or if you would like to get more involved in our ministry! Email: [email protected]

Upcoming Events

Get with your family and compete to win the (NEW ANNUAL) IMPACT LIVE Student Ministry Text Message Scavenger Hunt, right from your home! Coronavirus can’t shut this epic event down! Family teams will compete to find household objects and complete hilarious challenges together.

The payoff? Win awesome prizes (anyone need some TP? how about some gift cards?) and bragging rights for the year! Not to mention a night of fun with the whole family.


1. Click the picture above to register your family
2. Make sure you have Zoom downloaded on a different device than what will be used to take/send pictures.
3. Make sure you have a SECOND device that can take/send photo text messages.
4. That’s it! Make sure you tune in on Wednesday, April 8th by 7PM (bonus points awarded for families who have a team uniform…the crazier, the better!)


What: Text Message Scavenger Hunt
Who: MS/HS Students & their families
When: Wednesday Night | 4.8.20 | 7PM
Where: Zoom | link will be emailed, make sure you register!

Resources for the Family

It’s no secret that life looks a little different right now.

Whether you were caught off guard by the COVID-19 lifestyle changes or have been stockpiling toilet paper for 24 years, we all are experiencing life a little differently right now. This new pace of life has exposed some new needs and brought new challenges…as well as some incredible opportunities! We’ve divided this email into three sections:

1. Disciple your Family | Practical resources to equip you to leverage all this extra family time for leading your family toward Jesus.
2. Be on Mission | Ideas to leverage this season to reach the lost and BE the church.
3. Thrive at Home | Simple yet helpful ways to navigate all of the new and unexpected needs that many families now face

We love you and are here for you for every step of the journey.

-Impact LIVE Team

Disciple Your Family

Resources to help you lead your family toward Jesus

Parents are the primary disciplers of faith and the most influential force in the life of their kids. All of the time at home is a perfect opportunity to lead your family in a closer walk with Jesus Christ! Check out below for some resources that you can use at home to do just that!

Short-form Bible videos and resources to help all understand the Bible better. These Bible resources are easy to use, engaging, and transformative.

A great and fresh resource to study spiritual disciplines and what it looks for people to “live like Jesus.” This is a great, tangible resource for your family to dig into!

Download the You Version Bible App on your phone! This app has a great way of making Bible reading a habit with daily streaks and Bible reading plans. 

Be on Mission

COVID-19 gives us a chance to reach the lost

If you don’t know Jesus, this COVID-19 storm can seem like the end of the world (or close to it). In a world gripped with fear, the people of Jesus have a chance to shine! We have a golden opportunity to reach the lost/hurt/broken and we provided some ideas below to help you get started. Take some time with your family to brainstorm your own ideas!

Thrive at Home

Navigate everyday life at home, better

Life has been disrupted for all of us, and new & unexpected needs have come up. These resources are designed to make everyday life just a bit easier for you and your family.