Scott Solimine - 8/13/2023

Join us on this exploration of goodness, where we dive into the true meaning of aligning ourselves with God's intentions. Let's unravel the beauty of goodness together, embracing its transformative power and learning how it can impact our daily lives. 📖 Main Scripture Passage: Romans 7:14-25 In this eye-opening sermon, Pastor Scott uncovers the profound meaning of goodness. It's not just about being "nice," but about living in harmony with God's original design for us. Romans 7:14-25 guides us through the struggle between our desires and the goodness we're called to embody. Goodness isn't just a surface-level virtue; it's a calling to live out the essence of God's love in every aspect of our lives. This sermon delves into how goodness transforms us from the inside out and leads us towards a life that aligns with God's creative intent. Ready to dive into the heart of goodness and uncover its significance in your life? Watch the full sermon and gain fresh perspectives that can shape your journey toward a more purpose-filled life.