Real Answers – Week #2

You’ve Got REAL Questions, You Deserve REAL Answers…


WEEK #2 Video

This Week’s Lesson


  • Read Bible passages as a family.
  • Discuss what you read.
  • Discuss and answer questions.
  • Take notes and write down any additional questions that you have.
  • Discuss additional questions and do additional research if needed.
  • Study the Bible first and most, then consult commentaries as needed.

Open Discussion:

  • Besides natural disasters, where does suffering come from?
  • Where do you think natural disasters come from?
  • Why do you think God permits suffering?
  • Can God remove suffering without removing free-will? If so, how?

Read Genesis 6-9:

  • Why did God intervene?
  • Why didn’t God intervene sooner?
  • Why did God act as harshly as he did?
  • Genesis 6:5 says: “every inclination was evil all the time”. Could God have fixed that without removing their free-will?

Open Discussion:

  • If God were to remove our free-will, what would that look like if we had no choice in how we lived, thought and acted? 
  • Should God ‘selectively’ prune the bad from the good? Who would determine the bad from the good? 
  • Read Romans 3:10. Where would that leave you?
  • Why would a Loving God permit suffering?

*This study is not meant to be exhaustive, but is intended to get you started. The study of God’s Word, Will and Character should be a passionate life-long pursuit.